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Thread: Vulgarity on Repeater

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    Default Vulgarity on Repeater

    I scan for local activity and there is one repeater that consistently goes out of their way to use vulgar language and topics and do not announce identifiers.
    Over several weeks I have not heard anything on that repeater that resembles proper use of amateur radio.
    Is that some sort of rogue group blatantly violating the FCC regulations?
    its at 446.640 in Southern California.

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    If you know the callsign of the repeater, then you can either contact the holder of the linence, beit an individual or group and ask them to do something about it or go directly to whatever organisation (FCC?) deals with that sort of thing.

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    I found the call sign to be KF6PHX. it is listed on, a ways down.
    and the callsign is listed with contact info (mailing address) on the ULS.

    I hope this helps.

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    Feel free to post up a first hand account of your experience on

    And / Or - Reach out to the owner here -
    I'm sure he'd be happy to know what is going on with his investment of THOUSANDS of dollars of equipment and that his license was in the balance.
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