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    New Ham here. I started this journey looking at the dual band Yeasu FT7900 recommend by Ham Radio Outlet but as I discovered more Id like to have opportunity to contact distant locations while mobile. Often this may be out in the remote desert of western US or high in the mountains. The quad band FT8900 offers 2 additional lower freq bands which seems to me just gives me more opportunity to play and more distant reach. The FT8900 doesnt do SSB but would still be able to connect to others with voice on FM? There is an antenna made for this radio by Diamond that does all 4 bands. Dont know the part number but it has 8900 in the part number. If this antenna requires a ground plane there becomes an issue on how to mount it to a jeep, another issue I have to work through. The notion is to reach these distant locations in a more organic way without the aid of networked repeaters. All this pointing someday to participate in a DXing activities.
    I dont mind spending more then the FT8900 costs if I get a feature that provides significant benefit for reach long distance with a mobile like SSB. Would you be able to suggest a radio that would be a step above FT8900 and perhaps offer SSB?
    thank you

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    You could look at the Comet Uhv-4 Mobile Antenna 10/6/2m/70cm UHF 54in on Ebay for $124.
    I use a similar make as a base station antenna with no radial. The antenna is designed as a mobile one.
    I'm leaving now to go find myself....if I arrive before I get back, please ask me to wait!

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