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Thread: How get 2 Motorola MC Micros to talk to each other?

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    Default How get 2 Motorola MC Micros to talk to each other?

    Hope I'm in the right place
    I have a couple of Motorola MC Micros that seem to work fine but when I press the talk button I dont receive anything on the other unit.
    I made a short video demonstrating this with everything the radio does after I connected a speaker to the D9 connector at the back.
    I have another two but they have a different face plate and I was told that they have a passcode so I couldn't use them so I got these two in pretty much brown new condition.
    The where used on the underground train we have at a museum I volunteer at and we would like to have them working.
    I dont have too much knowledge on radios, just have a few handheld ones on thats about it.
    I couldn't find any user manual on them, only a service manual which doesn't say how to operate it.

    The video shows the top one working but both do the same thing.

    Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Well it's rather difficult to tell whether those two transceivers are on the VHF, UHF or 900 MHz Frequency Bands. Just because you see the MC Micro designation, that's only the highest level Model Number. You'll probably need to purchase the Radio System Software to use on your computer and attach a cable kit to plug directly into each mobile transceiver. Motorola RSS for these Mobile Radios is VERY expensive $$$$$$. Or you could find a local authorized Motorola Dealers shop and take those units with you so they can read / program those mobile transceivers to work if they're on the same frequency bands.


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    Are there any labels with numbers on the units ie Serial number, Model number?
    I'm leaving now to go find myself....if I arrive before I get back, please ask me to wait!

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