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Thread: How should I Hook up a wire antenna in this location?

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    Smile How should I Hook up a wire antenna in this location?

    I want to put a stealthy HF wire antenna here (end fed or dipole) that will work NVIS 40 - 80m. That Dish is not in use so I could us the mount for something. Im looking for a simple solution. I know the placement isnt ideal, but it seems to be my only option besides my attic, but there is a lot of HVAC in there.


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    A short stub mast on the eaves would get the wire clear of the roof, it wouldn't have to be very tall.

    Do you have an attic window? A short length (6') of polyethelene rope could support the antenna.

    Where do you want the feed point?

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    Go back and read your General Class License Manual, it explains how a antenna works.

    A end fed wire will only have about 100 KC's of bandwidth and is not resonant on it's first harmonic.

    So you will not be able to use an end fed wire antenna for 80 / 75 meters and 40 meters - sorry.

    Regardless of what anyone else tells you, all an antenna tuner does is trick the transmitter into applying power into the line.

    SWR must be read at the load - antenna, not at the end of the feed line..

    There is trapped end fed wire antennas that will function - a little, on multiple bands, but forget about it being broadbanded.

    Forget about trying to hook it to the dish antenna J Pole, it is not robust enough to support a antenna of any length, and putting more metal near a end fed antenna only detunes it even more...

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    Experiment. I'd try for 40M first (it'll likely be ~half the length of an 80M antenna).
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