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Thread: OFCOM call site validation

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    Default OFCOM call site validation

    Now the nerds have mucked up AR on the Ofcom site does anyone know how we are supposed to access our callsign and to say validate it please?

    Also as secretary for how do I check if other call signs are still valid. We have 7 members who seem to be without an email address presumably with no form of PC. So how would they visit the Ofcom site?

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    Just logged on and had a look. I believe the validate option only appears after 5 years, it isn't always there as it used to be.

    I think the second part of your question is best directed to Ofcom.

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    You can actually call them, you know? One of my business radio licences vanished from the WTR, so I phoned them and asked, and all was well - just the systems are a bit messed up. This was how I got my ham licence back after 20 years off - I was checking something over the phone and asked if the marine entry was still current, and when they checked they said no, but the ham one was? I'd forgotten about it.

    They're pretty decent people on the phone I find, equally annoyed by the on-line systems.

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