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    Does anyone have any experience with this upconverter:

    Will it work with this cheap rtl sdr:

    Thanks for any and all feedback


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    Yes and yes. I have had a HamItUp V3 since they first came out with the V3 and although there are other brands. I have always been very happy with mine. They have some filtering that is sometimes a great help and other times irrelevant. It is better to have it and not need the filtering than not to have it. The built in noise source will prove to be very valuable if you build or experiment with filters or antennas. They do not have bias T.
    There are others rated slightly better in performance if you donít need the noise source.
    The RTL-SDR stick you have referenced will work but unless on a very tight budget. I would suggest.
    The performance will be slightly better and the antenna connecter is an SMA type.
    If you choose a cheaper rtlsdr I would at least look for one with an SMA antenna connecter. They are becoming the standard and makes antenna adaptation much easier.

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    Thanks a lot for your info...

    Good luck

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