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Thread: 10m Base Station Dipole - Location Question

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    Default 10m Base Station Dipole - Location Question

    I have a two story stucco over metal lathe constructed home - typical of the desert southwest in America. My next door neighbor is a one story. I'm in an HOA and they are a little picky about antennas. A 2M/70CM antenna can be hidden on the roof with ease. But a 10M antenna - that s a horse of a different color...

    I'm hoping the Radio Parity Act passes. Until then I'm looking at trying out various "under cover" or stealth locations.

    One of those stealth locations is to put a vertically mounted dipole hanging from the eve of my house straight up and down.

    The other is to follow the contour of the house and make an inverted V.

    Your thoughts?
    Anything I need to know about or consider?
    Any success stories doing similar?
    Any failures doing similar?
    How have you hidden a 10M or larger antenna in plain sight?
    Right now I'm only looking at radios that will produce about 20W. Do I need to consider higher power given the limitations of the antenna?

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    Flagpole? There's no shortage of DIY instructions on how to hide an HF antenna in one. A 10m should be cake.

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    10 meters is going to be rough for a while no matter the antenna or the power used.
    I have made multitudes of antennas for rapid deployment out of all kinds of things...
    sounds like you can run a horizontal dipole under the eve of your roof... just use stand offs and if you want to be sneaky, find wire that is the same color as your trim or stucco...for 10 meters you might have room to run two... one in north/south orientation and one east/west...or run a dipole type from one corner of your house under the eve, both directions and either loop it or leave a small gap at the other side of the house and use a tuner...won't be a pile up buster, but it will get you on the air...for fun I have even used an aluminum extention ladder, separated the halves and used a tuner...think field day in remote locations and go for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WX4LTG View Post
    Flagpole? There's no shortage of DIY instructions on how to hide an HF antenna in one. A 10m should be cake.
    Put up this flagpole and you could mount a big log periodic at 50 feet and not hear a peep from the neighbors.
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