Hi all

Complete newbie here. And I definitely wouldn't class myself even as high as a ham radio amateur.

I am hoping someone may be able to help me with programming the Motorola GP344 to new VHF channels.

I have two GP344 Motorola handheld's and my licence that I use in the security industry (12.5Khz bandwidth). I have 3 UHF channels on them at the moment.

But most of the people I work with use VHF and a specific frequency, which luckily I have - 173.0875 MHz

I have the software and the cable and I am able to fully access the panel and I think I have worked out what I need to do, but not only am I rather wary at completely leaving myself without working radios, I don;t know which codeplug to use. Any help on the various elements would be massively appreciated:

- which codeplug should be used for the GP344 for VHF High Band frequency 173.0875 MHz on the 12.5 Khz bandwidth?
- once I have that installed (I have already saved my current setup) I can just type in the frequency for TX and RX
- My UHF channels use PL for TX PL mode - do I stick with that for VHF?
- My UHF channels use 023 for TX DPL - do I stick with that for VHF?
- My UHF channels use TX PL code of XZ/67.0 Hz- do I stick with that?
- My UHF channels use 67 (presumably this is Hz) for TX PL frequency - do I stick with that?

Any help would be massively appreciated, especially on the CodePlug. If I get that absolutely right, I am sure trial and error will allow me to get the right bits for the other parts

Thank you in advance