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Thread: getting started on psk31 and rtty

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    Default getting started on psk31 and rtty

    Hi there
    I would like to get started on psk and rtty.
    My set up is: transceiver - vintage Yaesu FT101E and a laptop with the only com port which is mic in and phones out and usb.
    As I see it with my tcvr there are three options for transmitting - mox ptt or vox via the main 4 pin mic socket. I have already connected a line from tcvr phone socket to laptop mic socket, and I seem to be receiving psk and rtty ok. Psk on Digipan and rtty on MMTTY.
    Which would be the best method to use, VOX MOX or PTT?
    My budget is limited so would prefer to build my own interface. Can anyone advise with suitable circuit diagram please?

    Peter G0JJI

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    Have you tried the acoustic coupling by putting you transceiver in VOX and placing the mic near your laptop speaker? With your aux. audio out going to laptop mic input already decoding, this should work.

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    I'd go for PTT switching with this interface.
    Try and find a line-out from the transceiver to the computer if you can.

    Isolating the audio signals is also a common practise.
    You can find free isolating transformers in old PCI modem cards
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