Hi All,
I think this is the correct forum for this message, apologies if not.
I am contemplating trying out the dPMR digital voice mode, to be clear I am NOT referring to DMR, but to the system as standardised in Europe as DPMR using the 446Mhz frequency range, that is FDMA (frequency division multiple access) using the AMBE+2 vocoder. I do not know if there is an equivalent system in North America.
I have searched on the interweb and there are many China radios which state that they are dPMR radios, but further investigation highlights the usual Chinese manufacturers' propensity to spurious facts, errors and lies with many so-called dpmr radios turning out to be DMR (i.e. TDMA ( Time Division Multiple Access )) system radios or
if they are using the FDMA system, their vocoders are not compatible with the standard AMBE+2 adopted in Europe.
I would like to be able to program the radio with the frequencies I required (most probably the European 446PMR analogue and digital frequencies and amateur radio analogue and digital frequencies) and so the radio would need to be able to cover the 70cm amateur radio band (and 2m band if dual band) and the 446Mhz PMR frequencies and in particular to be able
to be programmed with the odd 446PMR channel frequencies with 6.25 KHz channels (for example, 446.00625MHz, 446.01875MHz, et cetra on analogue and 446.103125MHz, 446.109375MHz, 446.115625MHz et cetra on digital).

I am wondering if there is anyone out there using/hearing of such a radio?


Digital using FDMA (frequency division multiple access) using the AMBE+2 vocoder
Analogue FM
Capable of working on the 6.25KHz channels of the European PMR and dPMR system
Capable of working on the 70cm amateur radio band
Programmable either via computer software and a programming lead or via the radio itself it easy

The TYT DM-UVF10 radio appeared to fit the above criteria, but I believe that the channel spaces available are not compatible with the 6.25KHz PMR channels, so that the channels wouldf not be programmed correctly.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long email, but hope someone out there might have experience of such radios?

73 and hope catch you on the bands sometime