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Thread: SWR meter recommendations for air band (130MHz). 1-5W

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    Default SWR meter recommendations for air band (130MHz). 1-5W

    I'm looking for an SWR meter for glider/aircraft radio installations. It needs to cope with 118-138MHz and most importantly, will need to work with relatively low power (1 Watt CW) A typical example would be the Icom A6 which is rated at 1.5CW, 5W PEP.

    I did experiment with a cheap SWR meter many years ago. Can't recall the exact make but it came from Waters & Stanton and looked similar to e.g. the AV-400, at least I recall a similar layout and rectangular blue switch. Unfortunately we could never get it to read anything at all. Either it needed a lot more power or possibly it was faulty.

    I do have a background in electronics but have a rather limited knowledge of radio so any advice appreciated.



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    You could try a MyDEL SWR-006 METER. Any VHF VSWR meter should work, but you power level is pretty low for most...

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    The dual meter ham designs for 2m with the variable sensitivity knob will work well for aircraft band - and will give full scale forward readings on quite low power. They're not expensive either.

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    Going back a bit this one...I used a 2 mts swr mtr to setup the VHF on my flexwing microlight.

    Had to make a ground plane from old flattened out 15mm copper a treat.

    Most of the transmitting I do is around 120mhz so I concentrated my efforts around that segmet of the band.

    Got to contend with 8.33khz now.


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    It's not SWR it is VSWR, since all we are concerned with is the voltage..
    You should always check your SWR at the lowest possible power level, this will give you a true reading of what the antenna - load - is doing..
    When you increase the voltage - what happens to the SWR? It increases..

    Does SWR indicate resonance? NO! Why not? Because a 50 ohm dummy load will show 1:1 yet radiate little or no power...

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