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    Hi guys.

    I am playing with the idea of internet acsess when you are out in the field.

    Planing a field day, and would like to have internet access for the log and other things. Wifi sharing from my phone is not fun.
    So the question is how do I do this. I know a fellow ham radio guy that has wifi at home, and I have a clear line of sight to him about 5km(3miles) away.
    we could use his connection. but how do I transfer the signal that distance?

    I have read about The: HSMM-MESH but can't find any good info about internet sharing.

    the thing I would like. is to use the internet in the field like I do at home. just connect and it function like normal.

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    I don't know which country you are in but try a mobile WiFi device. It runs on a phone ntework (not yours) and gives you WiFi internet in the middle of nowhere. We use one when out with our caravan and connect our tablets to it. You have to pay for it but we only top up when going away.
    As long as you can get a phone signal you can have WiFi.
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