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Thread: Low cost radio for noob #2

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    Default Low cost radio for noob #2

    I am looking for a fairly low cost, basic vhf/uhf radio. I am just looking for something that will function as my first radio. handheld would be nice, but it is not super important.I would also like a recommendation as to what antenna to use, there are repeaters in my area, so it doesent have to be super huge.

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    Yaesu FT290 mark 1 or 2

    Multimode 2m, not many memories or bells & whistles, but nice enough, cheap nowadays and lots of modifications for them!

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    Another vote for the FT-60R. Just use the antenna that came with it. will give you the repeaters in your area.

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    Trying to suggest a radio and antenna . Is like trying to advise a person on what house to buy.
    On the cheap end an FM hand held, $20 will get you on the 440 machines within 10 miles of a good repeater, $25 will get you on 2 meters and 440 MHZ. Will this work for you? One of the big 3 brands are going to be over $100 but less than $ 250 for a quality hand held. Antennas start around $25 for a mag mount or a role up J pole. A collinear will start at around $75.
    Do you want SSB and FM? What is the radio to be used for? Do you want to work week signal? What type mount do you want to use? What range and how high can you get the antenna?
    Let us know some of the details and we will be able to give better advice.

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    Might I suggest that you seek the advice of a knowledgeable Elmer in your neighborhood.

    My advice would be to go with the mobile radio and base station antenna.

    Without knowing where you are located, you might find no repeater for you to talk on,
    or nobody on the repeater to talk to.

    You will be very limited as to whom you could talk to with a handheld radio.

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