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Thread: Leixen VV-898 and the Leixen programming software

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    Default Leixen VV-898 and the Leixen programming software

    Hi All,
    Newly purchased a Leixen VV-898E dual-band rig and have downloaded the Leixen programming software from their site along with the driver.

    I have eventually got the driver loaded and the program works okay, but I am wondering if anyone else has experience of this software? (I know a lot of people use CHIRP)
    The help function in the software does not work and so I am having to guestimate what the various headings in the channel information screen are referring to.
    Some are obvious such as RX Freq, TX Freq, TX Power, Scan Add, CH Alias and I assume QT/DQT Dec and QT/DQT Enc are the CTCSS codes (not sure which I need to access repeaters, so set both the same), but the others such as BLCK, Tail Cut, APRO, Alias Open, TalkAround, PTT ID etc, I have no idea and so I am reverting to not changing those fields and hoping for the best.

    There is also an Optional Information screen which looks interesting/important, but as I am unsure the effect of altering values, again I am leaving unaltered and hoping it all works out.

    So has anyone else used this software, I cannot be the only one attempting to use it or has anyone done a "users manual" describing what all the fields do or require changing or would be useful to change?

    All the Best and Thanks in Advance

    Robert GM0CSN

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    I can't comment on this particular radio, but I expect the supplied software is similar to that of the Baofeng.

    I quickly uninstalled that and went straight for Chirp, which I successfully use with my Baofeng, Yaesu FT-60E, Yaesu FT-897D, so I'd certainly give that a go first.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Robert,
    QT/DQT Dec and QT/DQT Enc are the CTCSS codes I have these in my Wouxun KG-816 software. It has a help file called assistance topic not help. The description it gives is in pure Chinglish. Maybe Phil's Chirp idea would be better. I still can't work out what is meant by some of the headings. Probably I should try Chirp on the Wouxun.
    I'm leaving now to go find myself....if I arrive before I get back, please ask me to wait!

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