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    Ok, this may sound like a crazy question. I find the idea of ham fascinating. I am wondering what are some common discussions and topics getting discussed out there. I understand that this could be answered by getting a rig, but I'm certain my wife will be less than thrilled at my expenditure if I don't know what is going down. I'd like to get into it, but looking for a general idea of what's up on the airwaves. I also have a son who might be a candidate, high functioning autistic 14, that could use a community to chat with. Thoughts?

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    Common discussion points are:-

    Which handheld should I get;
    Which base station radio should I get;
    Which antenna is best for ..... ;

    To name but a few. Alas, these are often asked, in succession, without looking through the forum categories to see that questions have already been answered.

    For me, the best way forward is to join a radio club/society where you will get advice from very experienced radio amateurs and also get hands on with some of the equipment you may be thinking about getting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmh View Post
    Which handheld should I get;
    Which base station radio should I get;
    Which antenna is best for .....
    Why doesn't my Baofeng work?
    What kind of radio do I need to get to talk to my wife when I travel abroad?
    Can anyone identify this strange noise?
    How much cable does it take to run 50 feet?
    Every time I do [insert activity] I get feedback. Why is that?
    What do yo mean everyone in my group needs a license to use ham radio?
    Why won't my FRS radio work further than downstairs? The package said it was good for 250 miles?
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    I would second the suggestion that you get with a local amateur radio club...most clubs will have members who like to help new folks get started (Elmers).
    I also think that the hobby could be very beneficial for your son and yourself. Not sure where you live, but most areas have a local club at least within reasonable driving distance...

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    If you plan to communicate to your family with amateur radios then your family will all need licenses.

    Good luck

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    This won't be well received, but ham radio is a specialist hobby, and is not therapy. From my friends who have children on different levels of the Autistic scale, I'm not certain ham radio is very suitable, as much time is spent talking about absolutely nothing, digging signals out of noise, and competing with the big stations who stamp all over you, requiring much craftiness and skill to circumvent. CB and other non-licenced radio can be better because they lack the rules the etiquette and technical knowledge. You can access many of the ham communications on apps for phones these days and listen in to see if you fancy it. If your wife doesn't get it, she'll certainly baulk at the money you 'need' to spend.

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