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Thread: Renew Silent Key Call

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    Default Renew Silent Key Call

    I lost my Dad a few years back and I want to keep his call sign active (W6PTS)
    I have done some basic research but am unclear on the process.
    Does anyone have any guidance?

    Thank You,
    William "Terry"

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    I think you'll have to request help from the FCC website...

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    You may not renew his call just to keep it active. That would constitute fraud. The only way for you to keep it active is to take it yourself as a vanity call.

    Normally, when a call expires it does not become available to the vanity pool until the two year renewal grace period has expired. Then it becomes fair game for anyone. Relatives of the former holder are exempt from the two year period and may request the relative's call as a vanity at any time as long as they can furnish proof of death.

    The FCC database shows your father's call as still active with an expiration date of 11/19/2017. If you wish to request your father's call before it expires, then you will have to furnish proof to the FCC of his passing. A death certificate will usually suffice. You then may request his call as a relative of the former holder.

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    Default K7WTS

    Thank you for the information. My mother asked if I could keep his call sign "unavailable." Is that possible without renewing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by texn2000 View Post
    Thank you for the information. My mother asked if I could keep his call sign "unavailable." Is that possible without renewing?
    I don't believe so. As I said in my earlier post, once the call expires and the two year grace period runs, the call becomes available to anyone that wants to request it as a vanity call (as long as they're in the proper call sign group.)

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    Very basically, you would have to apply for that call sign as a 'vanity' call. There's a 2 year waiting period before any SK's call is available. If no one else has applied for it then you have as good a chance of getting it as any. You have to go through the process, can't just use it (that would be fraud/boot-legging).
    No Idea of the exact 'process' so asking the FCC is a good idea.
    Good luck...

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