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Thread: Help FT-707 faults

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    I have pulled my old FT-707 out of storage and upon powering up the RX appears to be deaf. Audio out of the speaker but nothing received at all in any band or mode.

    Also when I key the mic there is no output power at all.

    I have had some one have a look at it and their getting a bit stumped having checked all the relays which appear to be working fine and all the boards for dry joints and broken/loose wires and connections.

    We have checked the bulb fuse and its fine as well.

    Any pointers on where to look next would be appreciated as I would dearly love to get it back on the air.

    Many thanks


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    Hello Andy,

    I wonder whether you have the Service Shop Manual for your FT-707 as I've found one on-line:

    Reading your description of the failure, I would check the main VFO Output for 5~5.5 MHz since it's the most common part of the Tx & Rx circuitry. You'll need an Oscilloscope and a Frequency Counter to verify the output.


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    Hi Dan

    Thanks for the info.

    We have the workshop manual but the quality of the pdf is poor in places. I'll look at the one you linked once the site is back up.

    We will have a look at the VFO output, Thanks for the info


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    Just an update.
    I got it working by replacing the diode mixer on the rf board and repairing a broken connection on the same board.
    All was great until in a moment of senility I connected it up reverse polarity.
    Now it's dead and I have to pull it apart and try to repair again.
    Poor old 707
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