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    Need help!
    I have a Kenwood st 450 and a Heatkit SB 201 amp.
    I have everything hooked up properly but when I turn the amp and relay switch on I do not get the 90 Ma. reading on the amp meter. I get nothing and when I increase powerI still get nothing!!
    The one thing that I am not sure about is the radio has to be in CW mode when tuning the amp, and when I put it in CW mode it reads CWR. Can anyone tell me what CWR stands for and could this be part of my problem.
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    I think CWR is CW in reverse.
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    Hello Gerry,

    I'm not sure whether you have a copy of the Heath Kit SB-201 RF Linear Amplifier so I found one on-line:

    The Tune Up procedures are on Page # 45 and You do need to have your HF transceiver in the CW mode for Tuning the RF Amplifier for maximum RF Output. The difference between the SB-200 and SB-201 RF Amplifiers is the SB-200 covers 80 thru 10 m whereas the SB-201 covers 80 thru 15 m but the SB-201 can be modified to include 10 m (this was a U.S. Requirement by our FCC) but shouldn't have affected on any Amateur Radio Operators in Canada. I will agree with Sudden that the "CWR" indicates Reverse for CW signal being generated much like USB versus LSB depending on the Band you're operating. 160, 80 & 40 are all LSB and 20, 15 & 10 m are all using USB, well the same holds true for CW operation.


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