Just wanted to stop by, say hey and introduce myself.
My name is John and I'm located in central Georgia.
I am a new Ham, being granted my Technician Class license earlier this year, at the end of January, 2017, with the (previously) assigned callsign of KN4ALA.
I then upgraded to General class and then to Extra class the following month and was granted those privileges at the end of February, 2017.
I applied for a "Group A" vanity callsign and was granted AE4VE in the beginning of March, 2017.
I am a member of the ARRL.
I received my Extra Class Accredited Volunteer Examiner certificate and badge about a week ago, so I'm looking forward to be able to help out the Amateur Radio community.
I'm completely stoked to be an Amateur Extra as well!
I'm continuing my education of Amateur Radio as well as each aspect that it has to offer.

I got into scanners about 4 or 5 years ago which progressed into shortwave radios/receivers so I'm not COMPLETELY new to radio but I will admit, I still have a LOT to learn.

I got my first HF rig a few weeks ago, which is a 1976 Yaesu FT-101EX hybrid transceiver. It probably isn't the ideal candidate for a new Ham but I couldn't pass it up for the price.
A couple of the switches and pots need cleaning, due to them being finicky, but besides that, it's in immaculate condition.
I've heard that the phenolic switches are not so cleaner-friendly and will swell or outright ruin, so I'm still looking into how to go about cleaning them.
I'm also still deciding on which antenna to purchase/build as well as where to mount it. But once these few things are completed, I'll be on the HF bands, making my first contact!

I'm still in the process of teaching myself morse code so until I get confident enough, I'll mainly be focusing on single sideband phone.
I'm not sure if the FT-101EX would allow for other modes of operation, as far as digital, but I'll be looking into it.

I apologize for the long post...just a brief description of my world into the hobby of Amateur Radio so far.

John / AE4VE