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    I am new to Ham just got my first call sign KD9IKE. I have all my dads ham gear and I am trying to get the mobile rig up and running. So the problem is not sure on Tue antenna wiring. It is a Predator screwdriver antenna by N9JMX. Only connection I see is a 2 wire feed with I assume is the power. Where is my feed line at.

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    Hello Bob,

    Since you only have your Technician Class License, that Screwdriver Antenna looks like it covers 80 thru 10 m and you would hardly need the Screwdriver antenna for 200KHz SSB on 10 m. I can't find any electrical specifications on the Predator antenna. I would set it aside till you up grade to a General Class License. Back in 2000 it seemed that everybody and their brother were making Screwdriver antennas. Some companies made their mark and are still in business today whereas other companies just didn't have marketing, sold their product to someone else or went out of business. I think this Predator Antenna Company may have just folded up and went of business. There might be another source for information on this Screwdriver Antenna being Allen Applegate is Mister Mobile as that's all he operates from 70 cm up to 160 m and knows his information like the back of his hand. His website is undoubtedly one of the best on the internet for mobile installations and problems encountered. You may want to keep Allen's website in your favorites to refer to from time to time.

    Oh BTW, Congratulations on Passing your Technician Class License.


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