Hi All

I have a freshly active IRLP / Echolink node setup at my Qth.

My Embedded node is made by VE7LTD

My IRLP is running fine under node 6789.

I am having difficulty adding Welcome Audio for someone connecting to my Echolink 821246
I also want to have a disconnect audio.

Correct me if i am wrong.
I can see under SYSop on a PC driven echolink setup that what i am trying to achieve seems possible as an "external file" (locally on pc i assume)
I cannot see a disconnect option for audio under sysop.

Irrespective of that , I never have echolink active via my PC ..
My node is standalone , and Im wondering if I can add these files within my node files (accessed via SSH - WINSCP -Putty programs)

I have delved into the Irlp side via SSH with success on the tdb.conf file

Can anyone steer me in the right direction as to add my Echolink audio files?
Im not sure if echolink store audio on their Database - i would assume not , but you never know.

Hope you users can help me out , as to how echolink produce connect / disconnect sounds.

I can see these files in the node /audio/echo_on_beep.wav and /audio/echo_off_beep.wav which are the generic sounds , however changing these files (renaming them) to recorded audio files made by myself has no effect when placed on the node.

Thanks in advance Marty