I have about 10 smoke alarms in home. Two of them are combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms (First Alert BRK SC-9120B Hardwire Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup). Very often when I transmit on my 50W UHF/VHF rig at home, it triggers the 2 combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. The other plain smoke alarms are unaffected. I'm told that's because the First Alert alarms are tied to an interconnect wire that allows the alarms to communicate with each other so if one gets triggered, they all (both of them) get triggered. The interconnect wire in the house acts like an antenna, and the alarms respond to an RF signal. I don't feel like I need that interconnect, so I've disconnected the interconnect wire. That reduced the false alarms, but didn't completely eliminate them. I even tried grounding that interconnect input, which also reduced but didn't eliminate the false alarms.

Can someone recommend a wired combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarm that isn't sensitive to RFI?