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    Hi all I need to get a new PC Monitor as my old one has become very noisy and there's enough QRM at my qth from neighbour's etc with out me adding to it. Do any of you know of any radio friendly monitors? . Any advice would be most appreciated Thanks in advance 73's

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    I can thoroughly recommend the BenQ monitors, I have one in the shack - a GL2250, which cost around 80.

    It's a 21.5" but you can get bigger. However, as it's quite close, it is more than adequate.

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    I use a Dell E176FP 17" monitor it sometimes when starting up puts noise on my Tait 2020 PMR I use for 70MHz. It does not affect any of my other radios, FT 897 or Icom 260E or my hand helds. I got it for nothing off a Freecycle site. If you keep a watch on the sites you can get quite a lot of nearly new free stuff thats ideal for radio use including computers, metal work for aerials and wood to build more shelves for your equipment.
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    Take a small portable AM/FM radio to the MonStore - see which ones make the noise. If you have a little radio that also covers some of the ham bands, so much the better.

    I've used a Samsung 22" - about 12 stone and thruppence if my conversion tables are right. It hasn't caused any noise in the eight or so years I've had it.

    Don't know if any manufacturers make a plasma-display monitor, but I certainly wouldn't recommend one if electrical noise bothers things around your area.
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    I'll go with the Benq. 24" (ish) here. Not new, inherited from my son when he went to 2x24" for his set-up. It's noise-free on 2 and 70, as far as I can tell!
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    Samsung has fine and high-quality monitors. Recently, I bought a second hand Samsung monitor online and it's working fine in my end.

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