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    I'm looking to find plans to build aa mobile type wideband antenna to use with a SDR dongle. I want to put it in the roof space, the maximum height at the apex is 5 feet.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    The size of the aerial is depends on the lowest frequency you would like it to work on effectively.

    A quick web search for something like ''discone antenna design'' or ''build'' or ''plans'' will return a lot of pages. You could easily find one that suits your needs for use and construction abilities.

    The first search result I got was this page:

    It has a calculator.

    If you draw a triangle, with the base dimension as the maximum usable width of the loft space and the height as 1,5 metres, then you can get an idea of the maximum usable space.

    For example, using the calculator on the linked page, a discone that works effectively down to 100 MHz only needs about a metre square (OK, it will be a cube). 50 MHz takes it up to just under a metre and a half.



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