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Thread: Mobile 2m/70cm Recommendations Needed

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    Default Mobile 2m/70cm Recommendations Needed

    Hello All,

    I am new to the ham world and just passed my technician test about a week ago. I cannot wait to get my call and to this point only have a Baofeng UV-5RV2+ HT

    I cannot afford to break the bank at this point but I am looking for some recommendations on a solid reliable mobile dual band unit with reccomendations for a good antenna also (that wont totally piss my wife off because it's too big lol) Id appreciate any and all input

    Chuck from NJ

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    What do you want do do? Local chat, distance - side band, data?

    So beams or verticals. Loads of people just stick a white stick on a pole and talk locally - assuming there is somebody local you want to talk to? City - rural? The hobby has loads of different facets - which do you fancy. I started on just 2m - with a horizontal 8 element beam, and added a 19 element UHF beam when I could afford a new radio. I like dual banders for vehicles, but separate at home.

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