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    Default Newbie here!

    Hey everybody! I've had a handheld for quite a while, never really used it because I didn't have a charger. I'll be going to take my test on 04 feb, hopefully I'll pass. Seems easy enough. Until then I'd like to start listening in on some repeaters in my area. I'm having a hard time finding any info besides frequency and tone. I'm in the cedar park, tx area if that helps. Also is there a "guide" so to speak of on air ettiquette and lingo? What about a phonetic alphabet or do hams typically use the military phonetics? Anyways thanks for any help guys!

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    Hello wbreslin951,

    Well here it is February 26, 2017 and I would like to think that you have Passed your Technician Class License Exam and found your Call Letters on the FCC Website. As for Repeaters in Cedar Park, Texas I found this website: Park


    I'm recommending that You join an Amateur Radio Club in Austin, Texas: The hams that belong to this club can Mentor You On The Air Etiquette and provide You with the proper phonetics A through Z while operating On The Air. This club appears to be well rounded with things to learn and participate in such as Field Day in June.



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    Default How did the test go?

    I am just wondering if you wound up taking your test? I passed mine about a week ago and cant wait to get my call. I check online everyday and it's been over a week now so I am guessing it should be soon I hope. All I use is a Baofeng UV-5RV2+ right now but I am looking for recommendations on getTing a dual band mobIle unit for my car that wont totally break my bank.

    from NJ

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    Congratulation Chuck and welcome aboard!
    Without knowing your budget I wont offer any suggestion on a radio but will suggest that before you buy you check the reviews on.
    Joe KA9UCN

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