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    This is further to my article back in 2006 in which I claimed six (and 2) metres are ducted at around 15000ft and travel for thousands of kilometres. By studying reflections from planes I have proved the above to be true and the methods are easily repeatable by anyone living close to airports. I am 60klms from Sydney. The effect is even more pronounced on 2 metres but readily observable on 6.
    The following was written about another magazines article.
    I was just reading your primer article on 6 metre E propagation. As with all E articles the theory is very malleable and ridiculous short and long distance are claimed for contacts in this magical mode. I have studied 6 metres in Australia and New Zealand for many years. It is a vast area of some 7000klm in lenght and 5000klm in height so it gives a good sized mix of distance and terrain.
    My observation using plane bounces are that most 6 metre propagation is done in a layer around 15000ft (around 0 degrees C). It first started with analogue TV video carriers on 45mhz from ZL, as planes came in thru this level into Sydney I would get a bounce down rising to S9 at my QTH (Wollongong 70klm south of Sydney) day after day.
    ZL analogue TV shut down so I lost interest for a while. Many years later I noticed bit of beacon from Adelaide some 1200klm away. This I traced to a new phenomenon of planes flying at 38000ft and above the 15000ft duct bouncing down signals from 380klm to 550klm out to my QTH. Then I looked east to ZL and sure enough beacons that had traveled 2400k lm from ZL leaving the duct in an upwards direction were bouncing off planes 380 to 550klm east of me and landing at my QTH. I use this information to read synoptic and infrared greyscale weather maps to predict openings and get very good results enabling me to pick up Perth and ZL beacons and contacts on a regular basis.
    In the USA with 4500 planes in the air at any one time, can you imagine the confusion this would cause a poor old sporadic E believer. I can assure you it is what the name says, very sporadic if at all. I will attach a couple of articles for your perusal that I wrote on ducting. It is a good method of prediction. Last week I put on the VKlogger to look out for the America's, sure enough a ZL work the USA that day. These ducts can be extremely long in stable atmospheric conditions. It is in line with Hepburn charts but they are to vague and this is an hour by hour exercise. If anyone is prepared to get their head out of the 1930's box and use there own intelligence I will be happy to discuss my theories with them, In the mean time I will keep making 400 klm 6 metre contacts.
    A chance event this morning led me to discover that the events I described to you in my article on six are even more dramatic on 2 metres. The bounce from the plane is much stronger and lasts longer and on the Sydney Auckland flight path are very repeatable. It confirms that signals entering the duct in ZL are above us in Sydney most of the time and need an event to bring them down, in this case an aeroplane. Cant be E's as they are 75 klm above the plane. This is an addendum to the six metre article.

    Cheers VK2BZE

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    To be honest I have always thought that the thousands of aircraft disturbing our atmosphere must also be disturbing any inversions as they pass through them.
    One thing that was noted in the UK when all flights were grounded was the lack of vhf beacon enhancements.

    Do you have a link to your previous articles please?
    Cheers Mark G0NMY

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    Join the ARRL, go online, read what has been written over the years - in the World above 50 megahertz column.

    Once you become a member, you will have free access to all of the archived information available that had been written in QST Magazine over the last 100 years!

    There is just too much that I could say, it all couldn't be written in one reply.

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