The worked all Britain hobby is where licensed radio hams communicate with other enthusiasts in different parts of the Country. There is usually a net controller who calls in mobile stations to give their precise location this is logged and offered to other Radio Hams who form part of the net. The National grid system is used to identify their location, including grid square and the County district.

Consider telling the group involved in the W.A.B. organisation where you intend to operate from, this will alert other members to listen out for your call sign. The forty metre band is a favourite and is used regularly by members of the worked all Britain group. The interest is not restricted to U.K. Radio Hams, fellow enthusiasts from other countries and continents take part in this aspect of Ham radio operation. I have often been asked for my location square and County Borough, by radio hams on twenty metres and higher H.F. bands, Worked All Britain is not just an interest pursued by United Kingdom residents.

Check out the website for Worked all Britain to see where you could travel to, to activate a square, there are many places in Britain that are very remote and extremely rare, these areas will create a lot of interest and you can have many contacts over a couple of hours.

I have activated rare areas in my part of the World over the years, but do not be put off if an area has been activated before, because there will always be radio hams who have not confirmed that particular location. New comers to the hobby will be keen to get as many new locations in their log book. Awards are available for working a number of squares, these can be updated with stickers when additional areas have been worked and confirmed.

Working portable always brings in many contacts, Radio Hams are curious and working a portable station usually indicates the Ham is in a part of the World or Country that is rare.

My experiments have shown that working with the prefix of portable near to the sea brings in many benefits. Using simple quarter wave aerials and three or four radial wires that are placed near to the water's edge offers excellent opportunities for the keen radio Ham to work many long distant, or DX stations. Salt water is an excellent ground plane. Your quarter wave will propagate your signal at a very low angle when operating near to the ocean and hopefully bring in plenty of contacts.

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