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Thread: FT-450 vs FT-450D

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    Default FT-450 vs FT-450D

    I would like to add a 100W HF transceiver to my base station (I just got my extra license). I currently use a FT-817ND which I really like so I am looking at the FT-450 and FT-450D. I would like to buy a used rig if I can find one. I can figure out the spec differences between the 450 and the 450D. What I can't seem to learn is whether Yaesu is still supporting the 450 with firmware updates and upgrades. I know it is listed as "discontinued" but does that mean "no longer supported"?

    In addition, I'd love to hear from anyone that has used both radios... what differences did you notice? Would you recommend the 450D, which is obviously going to cost a good deal more, over the 450 to someone buying their first HF rig? Thanks and 73.

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    Hello Bill,

    I'd steer away from the Yaesu FT-450A / AT because Yaesu does NOT support this transceiver with software updates after 2012 and if you were to download the FT-450D updates into a FT-450A / AT, it would render this transceiver as DEAD turning it into a very expensive Brick! Once this is done there's NO way to return the transceiver back to the prior software version.

    Just for the heck of it I went to QTH.COM, did a search on a USED Yaesu FT-450D transceiver and discovered several for sale:

    Although I like the YAESU Product Line, I've never touched any of the their latest transceivers to provide whether they have or have not the features that an individual might want.


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    Brand new on HF and I'm using the 450D. It is fairly intuitive (after reading the manual and wading into last weekend's sweepstakes!). I bought new but that was because I was impatient for my first HF rig.

    One suggestion- the 450D internal tuner will work for imbalances of 3:1. For me personally that turned out to be woefully insufficient so I added a tuner to the mix. Another good reason to grab a well priced used 450D.

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    I no this is a old thread....

    I looked at used HF radios before I bought this one, and the used one cost almost as much as a new one does, so I saved the money and bought me a new Yaesu ft 450d, in which when I got mine it had a $50.00 rebate on it which I got back in a few weeks...I went with this one, due to it been recommended to me since I was new to the hobby...
    I have ran this 450d for close to 2 years now and it has been a one, it does like mentioned tunes the antennas swr of a 3:1, and like the menu how it is setup, and only thing I don't like about this radio was how the mic plug is on it, in which isn't a problem, works fine.....I didn't like it from the start due to I wanted to put a D-104 mic on it, because I liked that mic and it been a desk mic, that I have gotten used to the hand mic that comes with the radio, it seems to do well on the air ways, get good reports with it, ect....however, if you like a desk mic, you can buy one that fits this radio as well, if you want to buy one.....

    All and all, so far this has been a good radio for me, and I have worked all 50 states with it and some countries out side the USA with it, just a 100 watts and a wire, no amplifier been used here...for a antenna was using a G5RV with mine and a LDG autotuner for awhile, but I now run a end fed antenna which I use the internal tuner to tune the swr on it, tunes well too 80-10m, it will also tune 6m but haven't tried to talk there on it....

    I would recommend this radio for anyone starting out, or just wants to buy one for HF use or field use, they seem to be built like a tank, thats what I have always heard people say too..

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    Unless someone was giving away a 450D - I wouldn't buy it.
    There is a lot better transceivers to be had - for about the same amount of money.
    Ebay has used Kenwood TS 590's for somewhere in the range of about $900.00

    Then you would be getting a world class receiver and 100w output, a good internal antenna tuner, and DSP, all in one package.

    The 450 is just a portable / mobile radio. Not very good for a base station radio - when you are only going to spend your money once to buy a good radio.

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    I could have bought a used radio, I looked at a lot of them, but I put a little more with what I had and bought a new 450d, and 2 years later have no regrets, I still run mine on a power supply in the house and it has done really well with the G5RV I was running, worked a lot of DX on a 100 watts with it so far......but since then have went to a end fed antenna.......

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    "but since then have went to a end fed antenna......."

    Care to elaborate? I have a 450D coming and the antenna for it is my biggest concern.

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    I just bought a new in the box 450D a couple weeks ago. Attached my Ultimax
    End-Fed antenna, and was talking DX within minutes. Just my experience.


    Quote Originally Posted by Ots View Post
    "but since then have went to a end fed antenna......."

    Care to elaborate? I have a 450D coming and the antenna for it is my biggest concern.

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