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Thread: SDRplay has launched a new SDR - the RSP2

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    Default SDRplay has launched a new SDR - the RSP2

    SDRplay Limited has today announced the launch of a second Software Defined Radio product – the RSP2.
    Building on the popularity of our first product, the RSP1, we have now launched the RSP2. The RSP2 delivers a significant number of additional features which result in a higher spec for specialist amateur radio users as well as benefits for additional scientific, educational and industrial SDR applications.

    Here are the main additional features of the RSP2:
    • 10 built in front-end pre-selection filters, with substantially enhanced selectivity
    • Frequency coverage extended down to 1 KHz
    • Software selectable variable gain Low Noise Preamplifier
    • 2 x SMA Software Selectable 50Ω RF ports (1.5 MHz – 2 GHz)
    • 1 x High Impedance RF port (1 kHz – 30 MHz)
    • Built in software selectable MW /FM notch filters
    • Highly stable 0.5PPM TCXO trimmable to 0.01PPM
    • 24MHz Reference clock input / output connections
    • 4.7V Bias-T option (on one of the software selectable antenna inputs)
    • RF screening within a strong plastic case for the standard RSP2
    • A Rugged metal box version – the ‘RSP2pro’

    When used together SDRplay’s own SDRuno software, the RSP2 becomes a high performance SDR platform. The benefits of using the RSP2 with SDRuno include:
    • Highly integrated native support for the RSP2 professional grade software based upon class leading ‘Studio 1’, free of charge
    • Calibrated S-Meter including support for IARU S-Meter Standard
    • Calibrated RF Power Meter with in excess of 100 dB of usable range
    • Best in class audio quality

    Currently the RSP2 requires the use of SDRuno software, but in the coming weeks we plan to provide support for HDSDR, Gnu Radio, CubicSDR and we are working with Simon Brown to get support within SDR Console.
    We believe that the RSP1 will continue to prove very popular as the lowest cost 12-bit SDR for general applications such as Short Wave Listening or for use as a panadapter and we pleased that we can now offer more choice to the growing community of RSP users.

    The RSP2 is expected to retail at approximately $169 (excluding taxes)
    For more information visit our website on

    About SDRplay:

    SDRplay limited is a UK company and consists of a small group of engineers with strong connections to the UK Wireless semiconductor industry. SDRplay announced its first product, the RSP1 in August 2014

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    I've moved this post, while its to do with SDR it's clearly an advertisement
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