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Thread: need help programming ICOM IC-2200H with CHIRP

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    Default need help programming ICOM IC-2200H with CHIRP

    I recently got my license and bought a used ICOM IC-2200H, I am having no luck hooking the laptop to the transceiver. I don't know where to start, I have successfully programmed a Baofeng from chirp, but I need the more powerful ICOM to reach more repeaters. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the programming cable, and tried to buy Icom software, but Icom told me it's discontinued.
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    You might want to look at the software and cable available from RT Systems. While I the only iCom radio I have is an HF radio, I use RT Systems software and cables for all my Yaesu HTs and mobiles. I have never had any issues with, while I have experienced difficulties with the cheap or free software like CHIRP. If you opt for the RT SYstems software, you will have the buy their cable.

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    Thanks, but I will use this old radio for a boat anchor or give it away before I spend any more money on it. I am only interested in finding an experienced user of this radio with chirp, I have spent too much on radios this year by far.
    Thanks anyway

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    Default Programming Icom IC-2200H and IC-207H with cable from radio to laptop using CHIRP

    I also, would like help programming both my Icoms, IC-2200H, 2 meter, and IC-207H, 2 meter/70cm transceivers. I looked for online videos describing the process, but was unsuccessful finding any specific to these radios. The original Icom manuals are poorly written and next to worthless. I bought a programming cable online that jacks into the radio external speaker jack and the other ends plugs into the USB slot in my Dell Latitude Windows 10 PC. I was going to try using CHIRP free software to program both radios, as I understand, the original Icom software is either no longer available or easy to find second hand. Is anyone out there familiar with either of these two older radios to lead me in the right direction? Thanks for any help you can provide me.
    W8GL /Gary

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