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Thread: Icom IC-V80 handheld - slow to wake-up ?

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    Default Icom IC-V80 handheld - slow to wake-up ?

    When standing around in a group with everyone on the same frequency (simplex) , occasionally my V80 is slow to open or "wake up" . In other words, I can hear someone transmitting on the other radio's in the group and then my V80 wakes up a few seconds later.
    Any suggestions on what causes this and what the adjustment might be. I've checked and it isn't scanning and there is no battery save mode that I am a where of.

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    Check your squelch setting. I had a V80. Built like a tank.

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    The squelch is set at #2 so that isn't the problem. Any other suggestions ?

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    I called the Icom tech support line and found that the radio does have a battery saver mode which is now set to OFF. That should fix the problem according to their tech. They have a complete manual on line that I wasn't a where of, I only had the one sheet quick start manual.


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    Icom V80 use very good, but bettery not good

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