First of all, I apologize if this a repeated msg from other users. I tried to find answers prior to writing this post.

I have a BF-F8HP. I found the NOAA weather channel on the NOAA site. It uses 162.550. I would like to program this into my channels to save me from having to remember it.

I'm in Frequency Mode, I enter 162.550. Now I select menu and press 27. I press menu and enter 01. It appears as 001 (not CH-001) which I understand to mean its clear to save in that channel. I press menu again.

I DO NOT hear "confirm". I hear a very high beep. When I go into channel mode, channel 01 is not show up when scrolling through the channels. So it looks like it has not saved the NOAA frequency. If I set my handheld to a repeater channel (for example 146.760) I am able to save this frequency.

Why cannot I not save the NOAA frequency?