Dear OM Friends,

Along with a little group of enthusiast radio-amateurs, we have started a new web site dedicated to the radio-amateurs of the world.

Please visit the link:http://WWW.HAMRADIOGUIDE.NET

The site - in English language because now finalized to all radio-amateurs of the world - intends to be a complete “yearbook” of the all international production of OM equipment and devices. Including that, the site offers our experiences, many “unknown” items, and features if they are quality and national products.

Actually we have the estimated goal to feature about 9,000 products.

The information presented inside our site is not complete yet because our work of collection, examination, and control is done with extreme accuracy in order to publish specs only with sure and verified data.

This site greatly uses graphics in order to visually represent the features of the products to simplify the understanding and also in order to compare two or more similar products.

You will be able to follow our progress in the section titled “HamRadioGuide Progress”.

The site isn’t for profit and only stems from our strong passion and from the simple shared target: to show all the production of existing equipment and putting into evidence the specific features of every single device in order to permit a total estimate in the large context of bids.

The site is composed with sections respectively dedicated to:

• Spec sheets about all the products (transceivers, receivers, antennas, amplifiers, etc.) with features and prices differentiated for each manufacturer

• Hampedia, a little encyclopedia with interesting information (including unpublished) for radio-amateurs

• “Latest News” in which it will be possible to find the average ratings of the equipment used from all the OMs in the world

• Interactive section: everyone is able to send posts through the “HamRadioGuide Forum” which is divided into several sections of interest within the site. Furthermore, in the section titled “SecondHand” can be published requests and offers of equipment (obviously not before having examined “SecondHand Quotations” for a correct rating)

We would very like much your suggestions and your criticism; constructive is better. Your cooperation and input is valuable to us.
To contact us, use the email: [email protected]
Many thanks for your interest,

Good DXs, '73