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Thread: I need your advice on a utility I built. Useful/Not useful?

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    Default I need your advice on a utility I built. Useful/Not useful?


    My name is Jason and I've been working on trying to listen to satellites for a while now. One of the issues I faced early on was trying to get a good prediction of when a pass was GOING to happen, as well as toward what angles I should be looking. A second issue was that satellite tracking apps I've seen before had too much clutter (graphically) and didn't work well on my phone (needs to be portable and mobile).

    Since this was an issue I built a website (which also works for mobile). The site takes your location, and a satellite NORAD Id, and calculates the next time the chosen satellite passes over. It generates a table with 15 second intervals, that include position (relative to the observer) and distance.

    This is a first pass at such a site and I would really appreciate any criticisms, advice or suggestions you may have. I am looking to build on it further but I think this could use some community input in the direction.

    The site is free, there is no login and I give it's use to the general public.

    This link has the location auto set to "San Francisco" with the satellite being the "ISS"

    Otherwise here is the base address.

    Thanks! I hope it is of some use!

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    Hi Jason,

    The 3d globe is rather nice to look at, but when I'm trying to find a satellite pass I'm not always wanting to type the NORAD i just want to see when the next selection of AMSAT birds are due.

    So I've been operating through amateur satellites for the last 4 years and listening to weather satellites for the last 12 years.

    When I'm outside the shack I'm using AMSATDroid and Heavens Aboves (Pro) tracking applications or even a basic print out of the pass list.. if you're just wanting a table of passes in your browser is useful and is helpful for telling you.

    At home I use SatPC32 which allows me to show 12 satellites on a map at the same time this can be 3d or on a 2d map.

    Keep up the good work!
    Peter, 2E0SQL -

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    Hey 2e0sql!

    Thanks for the advice! I'll take a look over at and see what lessons I can glean from them.


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