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Thread: VX-7R MR mode

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    Default VX-7R MR mode

    Help required - in Memory mode the screen does not display the name I have stored.

    I have programmed these manually on the HT and I have programmed and downloaded them from the widely available commander software

    The radio displays the memories by number, will scan through them and TX/RX but it only displays the frequency and not the memory name

    Does anyone know which menu item or function command etc will disable/enable this? I have looked through it a dozen times and can't seem to get it to work.


    M6RBV, Sheffield, UK

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    Default VX-7R MR mode

    From the manual:
    When you have completed the creation of the label, press
    the PTT key to save the label and exit.
    1) During “MR” (Memory Recall) operation, the alphanumeric Tag will appear below the fre- quency display. The alphanumeric Tag does not
    appear if you activate the Dual Receive Operation.
    2) Be sure that the “small character” mode is in use if you wish to program and view Alpha-Numeric labels. Press the key, the press the or key, to toggle to small characters if you are in the “double-size” character mode. See page 25 of the manual for more details.
    Does this help?
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