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Thread: Is it me?

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    Well, I did download the question pool from the fcc web site, or I could just be misremembering it...

    Anyway, howdy Eric. Welcome to the forums. Scrolling down this thread you will see my tech experience has been in computer repair and vacuum tube/valve radar. So I am kinda still lost when it comes to hearing a voice come back at me instead of a blip on the radar screen. :-)
    73, Jim/N4AAB/AE got my Extra class license in Aug 10, 2017. Vanity call in Oct, 2014.
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    Quote Originally Posted by park View Post
    I guess what I am saying is I'm amazed at the number of people who have a ham license and don't know (or can't figure out) how to operate their "rig".
    AC5PS / Ken
    I took my General Test in Buffalo in 1962 and after the 13 wpm cw test we took the written one. I do not recall the number of questions, but one of them was a schematic of either a radio receiver or an audio circuit. "Why won't this work?" and the answer was a missing coupling condens (oops! Hi) capacitor.
    Is that still in the General test, Ken? Hi again.
    Charlie, K3UIM

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    Quote Originally Posted by adventurer View Post
    I even managed to crimp some power pole
    connectors on myself
    Didn't that hurt??
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    I'm firmly under the impression that the biggest problem is the speed of qualification. People get a licence on a whim. They have no knowledge of the hobby and the speed they can do a test and get the licence is simply too quick. Can you imagine how bad the roads would be if people could take a simplified driving test and be behind the wheel of a car with no on the road experience, just knowledge of the Highway Code. The lower licence classes used to be so you could become a good operator before getting access to additional bands - now you can be a new ham with the most tricky licence, and if you have deep pockets go out and spend thousands and cause havoc!

    With cars we have proper L plates in the UK, you drive with somebody supervising till your practical skills are good enough. A child can learn the current beginners licence here with NO test of understanding, and that is the bad thing. The test is not designed to test understanding - otherwise we'd not have people with a licence popping up on the forums asking questions we all gape at! As in "I'm a licensed ham, what do I have to do to use a repeater?" or having to ask how long an antenna is for a certain band?

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    I had to read my ht's instructions on how to access the repeater. And then when it got told I wasn't hitting the repeater, I found the mistake in the instructions.

    Contacted the company, they said download the pdf from their site.

    The printed book and the pdf had the exact same error. I put the correct method on my web site.

    As for the Amateur Radio Handbook, it talks about repeaters, but I don't remember it telling exactly how to access the repeater. Certainly wasn't on any of my tests. I looked for the handbook pdf on my hard drive, evidently I didn't copy it over from my Win 7 computer.
    73, Jim/N4AAB/AE got my Extra class license in Aug 10, 2017. Vanity call in Oct, 2014.
    Ham radio site has no popups, no music, no huge banners.
    'Through the thorns to the stars' from Ghost-in-the-Shell anime.

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    I agree with Paulears... first off here in the States United, there is no practical knowledge required, it is simply study the question pool and take a written really do not have to know anything...
    I believe the test should not be all multiple choice, one should have to demonstrate a knowledge of the topic, not the ability to memorize... another thing I would like to see is what back in my "service" years, we called "time in rate" before even being able to be advanced. I would like to see a waiting period requirement between levels of license so a ham would have some practical experience in the hobby before upgrading...
    I do not hold it against any of the guys getting tickets, they are just doing what the system is set up to do...I think here the reason for the current easy licensing structure is the fear that the numbers of hams was dropping and there was concern that we might lose frequencies if the number of participants got too low.

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