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Thread: DJ-v17 unable to receive unless squelch at zero

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    Default DJ-v17 unable to receive unless squelch at zero

    Hi, myself and my friend have both just bought Alinco DJ-v17 but have a problem in that in order to hear any transmissions we have to have out squelch at zero, and this is even when we are in the same room! I've tried resets but since Tom has the same issue I'm thinking there must be an obvious reason for our problem, I tested it with another persons radio and again we hear nothing, be grateful of any help to get us up and running

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    I had to look up the electrical specifications on the Alinco DJ-V17 and they specify a receivers sensitivity -14.0dBu (0.2uV) or less for the handheld transceiver and the antenna is a Rubber Duck.

    I have questions for you:

    In this room as you haven't provided what type of a structure it is located in, "Is the structure Residential Brick or Frame (Wood)?"

    "Is this structure sided with Wood, Aluminum / Steel, Stucco (which requires a Steel mesh which the Stucco is applied) or Vinyl?"


    "Is the structure a Commercial Building as in an apartment (multiple tenants) and is this apartment Brick or Frame?"

    "Is this structure sided with Wood, Aluminum / Steel, Stucco (which requires a Steel mesh which the Stucco is applied) or Vinyl?"

    "What level is the room located, Ground Floor, Second Floor or Fifth Floor, Etc?"

    "Are there multiple Apartment Buildings on this Property, Two, Four, Six, Etc?"


    Is this structure a tall Commercial Building with multiple Floors, 30, 60 or 100 generally located in large metropolitan cities?"

    "If you are located in this type of a structure, it's normally built from Steel Reinforced Concrete, Which Level / Floor is this room located and is the room more towards the center or outside walls?"

    "Does this Commercial Building have multiple windows?"

    "Does this room have a window in it?"


    If the said structure is Residential or Commercial as in Apartment Buildings, Are there many Trees, Bushes / Foliage surrounding the Building or Area?"

    "What type of area are you located in, Flat Plain (No Terrain Difference) or with Hills / Mountains and Valleys?"

    "If you are located in an area with Hills / Mountains and Valleys, Where are you located, i.e. On top of one of the tall Hills, half way up a Mountain or Living in the Valley?"

    "If you are in a Valley, Do you have Hills or Mountains and Trees / Bushes Foliage blocking the Line-Of-Sight RF signal from a VHF Repeater Station?"

    "Testing three different handheld transceivers, Did you change Your location within the structure, i.e. a different room and what type of results did you observe?"

    "Since you have a computer, Did you try to shut it down (turn it off) and Observe how it did or did NOT effect your handheld transceiver?"

    "Do you know the Air Miles (straight line) Distance between your location and the VHF Repeater's location?"

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    I was standing in an open field,no obstructions, 10 feet away from my fellow paraglider pilots, thanks for your help, just can't understand my issue.

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    First you stated that you were "in a room" and now you've stated that you were in an open field. Now I wonder what you are trying to do.

    Are you attempting to access a Repeater System that might be too far away?" Generally if you have a problem with one handheld, the second one has the same identical problem, a technical person would stop right there and by adding a third handheld that mimics the first two units problem ... Rule all three of those handhelds as a part of the Signal Strength Squelch Problem.

    "Can you describe this open area as to what might be near the area, high tension power lines, an industrial park or whatever?"

    "Have you tried the handheld transceiver in a totally different area, maybe 5 or 10 miles away and what were your results?"

    Since I have no idea where you are located, State or Country, this might help me analyze the problem. I certainly hope you understand how FM Repeaters operate on the 2 m band. There are Input and Output Frequency Pairs with a Plus or Minus 600 KHz Offsets. These frequencies as an example, a Repeater Station has the TX Frequency at 146.760 MHz and the RX Frequency at 146.160 MHz, it may also have a CTCSS Decoder. Now for the handheld TX frequency should be 146.160 MHz with the CTCSS Encoder with proper Tone, i.e. 100 Hz, 107.2 Hz, 103.5 or whatever the Repeater's Group decided on Enabled and the RX Frequency should be 146.760 MHz & normally people leave the CTCSS Decoder Disabled in a Carrier Squelch function. I'm not trying to insult you, just passing along basic knowledge.

    "Is the Carrier Squelch Receiver problem consistent across the entire 144 to 148 MHz Band?"

    "Have you tried using a Simplex Frequency, i.e. 146.520 MHz TX & RX and How do the Handheld transceivers function?"

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