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Thread: Need help about UK callsign 73

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    Question Need help about UK callsign 73

    Hi, i new in these forum, but seems like is very good organized.

    My name is Filipe and i need some help, i come to UK to live in January, in the moment i`m living near Brighton, West Sussex, and i want to kwon what i need to have a UK callsing since i am amateur radio in Portugal. I know portuguese people living here that have a UK call sign but i did`t understand how they done the change, thanks for the atention, 73 fot all CT3LG

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    As Portugal is part of the CEPT organisation, you can operate in the UK with your Portuguese license, and just add G/ to front of your callsign.

    If you're planning on operating for a long time, say more than 6 months (this isn't a legal limit, just advise), then you should be able to get a UK license automatically based on the level of your Portuguese one. You need to contact Ofcom about this.

    From the linked webpage:
    For all enquiries i.e. licence renewals/general enquiries concerning individual licences or their issue:

    Radio Licensing Centre
    PO BOX 885
    Bristol BS99 5LG

    Tel: 0117 925 8333
    Minicom: 0117 921 9550

    Because of the CEPT harmonisation, I was able to get my Finnish license automatically because of my UK, without taking any further tests.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum!


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    Welcome to the forum and the South Coast.
    Worthing & District ARC meet every Wednesday if you would like to visit us.
    Pete - 2EFVL
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