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Thread: New version Swisslog for Windows 5.9

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    Default New version Swisslog for Windows 5.9

    Dear colleagues,

    After months working hard fighting with the source code I'm proud to announce you the release of Swisslog for Windows version 5.9. It includes many corrections and some new interesting features. There is now a single, new and modern installer which can be used for new installations or updates from version 5.2 and upper. The minimum operating system requirements has been raised and now you need Windows XP SP2 or higher to install Swisslog. This should not be a problem nowadays.

    As many of you probably know, in june 2006, just before the official release of Swisslog for Windows version 6, a car ran over Walter while he was riding his bicycle. After some weeks in deep comma he finally woke up and during these years he has been recovering well of the injuries suffered. Now he can have an average life but this accident left him a strange and important side effect: he lost all his computing and programming skills. After some years without recovering his programming skills he decided to make Swisslog free of use to everybody. Everybody in the Swisslog team were searching for a programmer to continue his creation with no much success. However, Christian Aymon, HB9DBC, a professional programmer and friend of Walter and Pascal, HB9IIB, could take a copy of Walter's computer and created a virtual machine to at least have the source code and the tools to develop Swisslog. That way he could release some versions correcting some important issues as the new QRZ access. He kept Swisslog alive and useful. But developing Swisslog is a very difficult task that even professionals programmers would need a lot of time to simply try to understand how Walter programmed this huge program with nearly a milion of code lines. Christian didn't have such huge time and for personal and professional reasons he had to leave the Swisslog team.

    I have been involved in the Swisslog team since 1990, first translating Swisslog into Spanish and later as distributor in Spain and giving support to all users who need it. Two years ago I created a patch updater to keep Swisslog updated. I focused mainly in the country table (maintained by Hardy, DL5SBA, who recently passed away), and I updated the statistic file and some other files so that Swisslog could be still useful and updated. But one year ago approximately I decided to get the source code of Swisslog and try at least to learn a bit of Delphi language with the only intention to correct future small issues. I asked permission to Walter and he given me full rights to do whatever I could do to continue developing Swisslog. Christian sent me a copy of the virtual machine of Walter's computer and he gave me some valuable instructions to compile and create the main program. I have the source code of version 6 but it's full of compiling errors and Walter can't help me to solve them. So I'm focused in version 5 which is stable and still powerful.

    I don't have the needed skills in Delphi language to develop Swisslog as it deserve. Swisslog is currently still one of the best and powerful logging programs in the world. I will try to keep Swisslog alive the best I know, trying to solve future issues, administrating the Swisslog forum and website, giving support to everybody and implement new things if I'm able to. Walter and this excellent program deserves it!

    I invite you to be part of the Swisslog family. Last but not least: you get a very powerful logging program for free!

    73 from Jordi Quintero, EA3GCV

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    Thanks for the info and update. I found it at:

    If there is a better site, please let us know.
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    Thank you!! I didn't know that website! I have just send an information update request because that info is old now.

    Best 73

    Jordi, EA3GCV

    Quote Originally Posted by N4AAB View Post
    Thanks for the info and update. I found it at:

    If there is a better site, please let us know.

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    Hi all,

    Just a quick update to let you know the current Swisslog domain:

    Best 73

    Jordi, EA3GCV

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    I haven't tested for my Technician license yet (09-09-2017), but i downloaded Swisslog v5.96. as a hobby programmer (mostly Arduino), i can tell that a lot of good work went into the program. I played with an older version a few years ago, and i was very impressed with the features, even though at the time i didn't know what most of them were. though it forced me to learn the terminology. I am certain that once i get my license, i will find it valuable.

    one question, though i haven't browsed much into it yet. is there a way to log technical changes, such as antenna modifications?

    Thanks for the program.


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    Hello Travis,

    First of all excuse the delay in my reply! Yes of course! Swisslog implements an excellent feature called My QTH where you can set different My QTH for every of your callsigns, locations. But there is also a list of Working Conditions and Events. You can set in a QSO your My QTH used but you can also select the working condition used and even it's an Event! Personally I have a list of all my working conditions I have used during my life (I usually set the transceiver name and antena and I have different combinations of transceiver / antennas). This way I can set easily in the QSO which one I used.

    Please take a look to the quick to the Quick Start guide you will find in (read carefully the MY QTH link where all the above is explained).

    Thank you for your kind words and I will be delighted if you use Swisslog! I can ensure that you won't regret it! Next version will implement a fully featured band map and support to all online logbooks and other interesting news.

    Best 73

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