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Thread: ARDF and fox hunting

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    Default ARDF and fox hunting

    has anyone here had any experience with ardf and fox hunting.

    one of the lads was on about it last night at club

    so has anyone any drawings for a 2m transmitter, what do you reckon 2 w or 5watt for a fox hunt, in a built up urban area

    and what about ardf , does anyone know if anyone does this in the midlands and where can I find out about the kit, transmitters and and receivers.

    can you simply do a 2m yagi straight into a UR5 handheld as a starter set

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    For antennas for DFing, have a Google for "doppler df", this makes a very capable df antenna to use with your UV5.

    Regarding building a 2m transmitter, the design and complexity depends entirely oon what modulation you want to use. Any way you do go with the transmitter, the difficulty is getting the output power you want with a good spectral purity, which is absolutely essential!


    Jason G7RUX

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