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    Starting to study for my Tech lic after thinking about it for several years. I want to get involved and my license for a couple of reasons: I volunteer as a virtual scorer for NASA stage rallies, they are always looking for people with licenses to help out with communication during events, I used to do some SAR work in northern NH years ago and remember ham being a big part of that, and technology interests me. I'm a DBA\server admin for a cloud computing company. Our help desk guy recently got his license and our documentation expert is a long-time ham. I'll try not to be annoying and I do get the search function is my friend. I just got my HT today, I have an OLD Moxy that I'm going to use to refresh my soldering skills while looking for a decent mobile to put in my truck and hopefully something 'vintage' to go in my old VW bus.

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    Well, almost 6 years later, I finally took the time to get licensed. I've collected a few radios and have been listening for the last few weeks, I'm almost ready to open my mouth .

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    Wow! I didn't even notice the date stamp till the second post. Congrats on the follow through. Welcome to the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

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    Thanks! I think with the current state of the world, I might not have picked a bad time to follow through . I figured out that getting a license is just the door cracking open, I have a lot of reading and learning to do.

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    Congratulations from UK.

    We have 3 levels. Novice (same as your tech), intermediate & full. I went straight for the full licence when l started out. Sat 2 exams the same day back in the 90s.

    But in UK any level of license lets you use "ALL" the ham bands. They just restrict your power to 10w on a novice license. However l have never heard of anyone checking the power output of a novice station. A novice can buy a 100w rig then turn it to the 10w setting if a knock comes on the door. Although l very much doubt that anyone would ever check. So not much encouragement to sit more exams over here. Many guys got a novice license & never bothered to climb the ladder any further.

    Now the novice license can be sat online, l can see many more passing that exam this summer.
    Some hams are not so impressed due to the potential to cheat in that online exam.
    We will see how that plays out.

    73 Jim

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