CODEMAN™, a cross-platform smartphone App that revolutionizes the learning of Morse Code.

As well meaning as the "short-cuts" and "techniques" may be, they mostly end up causing frustration and doing more harm than good to anyone wanting to learn Morse Code.

CODEMAN™ is different. It's an automated, system that combines linguistic technology and state-of-the-art App engineering with Farnsworth and Koch. It's pre-programmed and optimized to advance a beginner to 12WPM in the shortest time possible, without boredom or frustration.

Here's a link to the website:

Research and development of The CODEMAN™ Project was underwritten by Bart and Judy Greenhut (KI6HQL & KI6HQH), Los Angeles, CA in the hopes of expanding the use of Morse Code. It's a contribution to the hobby and is 100% free [no gimmicks and not kidding]

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you, 73, Bart (KI6HQL)