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    I have 2 seperate transceivers (both HF) which I wish to connect to the 1 aerial to allow me to monitor their particular frequencies at the same time and be able to transmit.

    The "simplest" solution would be to connect both transceivers via seperate coax and a Tee connector to the coax to the aerial, but I fear this would not work as transmitting with 1 transceiver could I think probably damage the other transceiver (signal out of 1 transceiver straight into other transceiver!!).
    So any suggestions? I would like to be able to listen with both transceivers simultaneously, so a coaxial switch would not allow that as it would only allow 1 tranceiver to be in operation at a time.
    Possibly I am missing the obvious.

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    You'll probably overload and kill the receiving radio if you transmit on the same band.

    Try looking in the manuals for the mute connector, and wire that to the other radio so it mutes the receiver when you transmit on the other set...

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    Many thanks for your reply.

    The 2 transceivers in question are a TS-940S transciver which I would think would have the necessary connectors (not at my home location currently), but the other is a CB transceiver which just has the usual basic connections (aerial, power, speaker, etc) so no ability to mute it from the TS-940S.

    My further thought was to insert coaxial switches between each transceiver and the Tee connector which would be switched "in line" when listening to the transceivers, but before transmitting with 1 transceiver, the other transceiver could be switched "off line" by the coaxial switch and so avoiding the transceivers transmitting into each other, but my thought then is that I probably leaving the "unconnected" connector of each switch with nothing connected would present high SWR to the transmitting transceiver.

    The CB transceiver was passed to me by a friend and so this was initially jus a way of getting some use from it.

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    It's been a while since I played with cb and I know they have changed a load of the rules but just watch out what antenna you are using as I believe there are rules on only using approved antennas on cb

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    From what i've heard so far with CB transceiver, I cannot see me doing much in the way of transmitting.
    There does not appear to much in the way of activity (much like 2m/70cm up here), but what there is is not very intelligent (if you get my meaning!)

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    In light of the lack of activity on CB in your area, I'd just forget about that part of it altogether. I've tried to listen to CB here and it's pretty much the same. I have an old working CB handheld that was given to me by a friend and all it does is collect dust...

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    Think about it: repeaters, mobilephone-basestations and the like transmit and receive at the same time often with TX & RX frequencies very close. You need at decent bandpass filter on each line.
    The big question is "What's your budget?". You can buy commercially made filters - ask at your local repeater group what they use and spend a pretty penny, or you can make your own while experimenting.

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