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Thread: Using Kenwood TS-2000 as SDR with gnuradio

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    Default Using Kenwood TS-2000 as SDR with gnuradio

    Hello All,

    I am a beginner in SDR and gnuradio. I am currently looking to set up a ground station for the satellite of my college(Uplink-145MHz,2000bps; Downlink-435MHz,9600bps). We are thinking of using a transceiver and doing the modulation-demodulation part in gnuradio. Will it be possible to use a Kenwood TS-2000 with gnuradio ? I need to know this before placing an order for the Kenwood TS-2000. Please tell me if I am not clear or need to find out more about any aspect. Thank you

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    I guess gnuradio is just a modem, which you can interface with any old radio.

    Try to find a radio less than 20 years old for data modes (relay switched P.A.s are awfully slow to changeover).

    You might find a TS-2000 is able to decode internally, depending on which mode your bird uses (packet, for example).

    Maybe a standalone TNC is a better option for mod/demod if you're using packet - then you won't have to leave a computer powered up all the time.

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