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    Hi, I am a researcher in a cancer lab and am new to the HAM forum community. I am looking for advice on a piece of equipment.

    Our research involves the use of localized radiofrequency hyperthermia to reduce tumor size in mice. This is achieved through the injection of iron nanoparticles that are coupled with a tumor-targeting drug. Ideally, the particles will find their way to the tumor and when subjected to radiofrequency they will heat only at the site of the tumor; therefore decreasing the damage to surrounding tissue.

    We are looking to find the frequency in which the particles heat the fastest. Is there any form of equipment or frequency generator that anybody could recommend that would automatically step through a desired frequency range and programmable increments? Or are there any other recommendations that more experienced professionals might have to most efficiently test the particles ability to heat at varying frequencies?

    Any information or suggestions are much appreciated.

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    Surely the maximum energy absorption would be at a complete (resonant) wavelength?

    IE: the (diameter) of the iron particle?

    Wiki has some nice reading...

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    I would still need hard data for our particular particles. Do you know of any equipment that would be able to provide this as described in my original post?

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    Dr. Watson I presume a.k.a. Cancer Researcher,

    This one caught my eye because at the beginning of 2013 my wife was diagnosed with Cancer of the Uterain and it's not as common as the other forms of female Cancer. It's very ironic how the medical community first started to find Cancer Cells within different organs thus labeling them as Lung, Breast, Kidney or any organ for that matter. I've had it explained to me by a fellow Amateur Radio Operator as a Mutated Cells that body doesn't allow our anti-bodies to detect and fight off internally.

    Well, I read your question about radio frequency and resonant nanoparticles injected into tumor itself. Because you're using nanoparticles which I have too assume are very small perhaps only seen using a high powered microscope then I believe what you would be looking for is Microwave Frequency Generator at 65 Giga Hertz and a string of RF amplifiers boosting the Generator's signal up to 50 Watts RF Output although I seem to remember that the original Microwave Ovens used in homes roughly around the 1980s operated at 800 MHz and the only reason they were changed to 2300 MHz or 2.3 GHz was that the Cellular Industry had more financial clout and the original Microwave Ovens interferred with Cellular Base Stations. It was aproven fact that 800 MHz Microwave Frequency was optimum for cooking foods and actually the 800 MHz Frequency is not in the Microwave Bands, it's in the high end of the Ultra High Frequency Band.

    Typically the 800 MHz quarter wavelength is 3 inches, half wavelength would be 6 inches for a resonant antenna which would probably be way too long for your application with nanoparticles. This is why I recommending 65 GHz because thye RF wavelength is so short in inches or centimeters. Where would you acquire the proper equipment needed for this project? About the only test equipment company I can think of is Agilent (formerly known as H-P) and their Sales Engineering Staff might be able to provide the exact pieces of required equipment to Rent with the Option to Purchase.



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    1. A sample of the nanoparticle/drug material to be injected, in a glass tube.
    2. A variable-frequency UHF-and-higher signal source (transmitter)
    3. A means of coupling the output of #2 into #1.
    4. A means of determining the frequency at which maximum RF energy is coupled into #1

    THEN you'll need to determine how much heat a given density of NPs will produce at that frequency and what power level is required from
    #2, whether the "tumor-targeting drug" is likely to be affected by the heat and in what way(s)....
    Pat K7KBN
    Semper ubi sub ubi.

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    This is way outside my realm but I would assume the whole particle resonance theory is bad simply because the frequencies needed to resonate at nano-whatever size would not penetrate deeply into tissues. I think surface tissue heating and radiation burns might be a problem there. What about a more simple approach like lower frequencies and let eddy currents do the heating? What about two chemicals... they meet up at the tumor and the binary mixture is somehow catalyzed to form a harmless chemical with the enthalpy of formation generating the heat? but again, way beyond me...
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