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Thread: Alinco DR-635T repeater issues.

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    Default Alinco DR-635T repeater issues.

    I purchased an Alinco DR-635T this last weekend and having a little problem with it. It seems to work fine in simplex mode, but can't seem to get it to hit the repeaters. I'm new to ham, so it is most likely operator error.

    I've checked the repeater lists for my area, and programed the settings for the repeaters I would like to use, however, the lists show no DCS code, my HT allows me to not use DCS, the Alinco doesn't seem to offer that function. The HT hits the repeaters just fine.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Alinco DR635T

    Hi Tom. In the menu, if you need TS (example 110.9), and it will say "T" on your display. You need to select that from the middle button (TS/DCS). If the repeater has tone out as well (less interference), you select the second mode, it will say "TSQ" and it will only pass that tone to open the squelch, hearing the repeater. The next mode will be "DCS" and it id only on when you stay in that mode, it will say "DCS" on the display. I hope this helps.


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    Hello: I am having a similar issue with my DR 635T. With the settings shown below, I don't hear a transmission when I key the microphone (while monitoring same frequency with another HT). I am certain the input/output PL tones are correct because it works with another radio..a baofeng). To test further, I used the reverse function (on the monitoring radio) and could hear my DR-635's output into the repeater INPUT frequency but the repeater doesn't retransmit it. Could my radio be faulty?

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    Default I am lost - please help

    I have an Alinco DR-235TMKIII and I am so confused on how to program the repeater tone. The repeater I am trying to hit is 224.100 in Houston, TX. The tone is 103.5. While on that frequency, I pressed the TS/DCS button. I selected 103.5. I pressed the TS/DCS button again and again selected 103.5. When I pressed the button again, I get DCS. I don't know what DCS channel to put in there - or do I need to? The repeater book does not say anything about the DCS channel.

    Will someone please get me on the right track? THANK YOU!!!

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