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Thread: Need advice on first Mobile radio purchase primarily for hunting, and possibly HAM.

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    Default Need advice on first Mobile radio purchase primarily for hunting, and possibly HAM.

    I am currently studying for my technician's certification and am in the market for a portable radio. I want a radio I can use while hunting with my dad on a 3000 acre property. I am leaning towards the Wouxon UDV1P which I would use on MURS channels while hunting with my dad. Some other guys in the club have GMRS radios that we would also like to communicate with.

    My question is will we get significantly better performance out of the Wouxons than the Midlan GXT1050 5 watt GMRS radios? The terrain is flat and mostly planted pines. The longest distance we need to reach is about 3 miles.

    My dad does not have a HAM license but would get one if needed. There is a repeater in the area we hunt, but I am clueless as to whether we can use it for hunting conversations "hey I'm getting down now" or "come help me find my deer" or "my atv is out of gas."

    My dad said he would buy one if I did, but I would hate to talk him into spending so much more on a radio that won't see a lot of use if the range is going to be comparable to the Midland bubble pack radios.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default me too!

    I don't have an answer for you, but I would like to know something similar. I am new, getting my licesnse soon. I have been looking at the Wouxun KG-UV6X. I am wanting to have options for ham, frs, gmrs, murs. I think it does all of that? Is this a good radio? or Does anyone know of something better?

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    The hunting conversations would be legal on the ham bands, but check you local game laws as some states forbid 2 way comms when hunting. Also, GMRS does also require a license to operate and must use qualified equipment and power levels - I think 1 watt max !
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    I just answered a very similar question on a different post this morning.

    Yes your Woxungs will out perform the Cobra radios. No you can't operate a Woxung on FRS or GMRS frequencies.

    Either everyone gets a ham license and uses ham gear or everyone gets a GMRS license and everyone uses GMRS equipment or you stick with the Cobra FRS radios and endure the suck that they are. Ham Radio is a lot like Ghostbusters - Don't Cross the Streams. ;-)
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