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Thread: Amateur Radio show in Leicester - what happened to it?

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    Default Amateur Radio show in Leicester - what happened to it?

    There used to be an amateur radio show in Leicester every year. Never seemed to be advertised anywhere that I am aware of, but I chanced on it a couple of times. Does anyone know whether this event still exists and where is it held and advertised?

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    used to be at Donington Park, but this is some years ago then went into central Leicester but I've not seen it advertised in years.

    However there is the National Hamfest next weekend if you don't mind a drive.
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    You may get some info from The Leicester Radio Club at this web address
    I'm leaving now to go find myself....if I arrive before I get back, please ask me to wait!

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    Have been trying to have a look at that g3lrs site but my broswer throws up an error about proxy avoidance...
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