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Thread: Anyone for Raspberry Pi?

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    I have 3 pi's first is a b+ running with a DVMega UHF MMDVM hotspot.

    I have a pi 3 Version B which is faster Quad-Core 64bit CPU, WiFi & Bluetooth I am in the process of building a HDTV TX/RX with that one with touchscreen and pi camera etc.
    I also have a Pi Zero which cost 4 to experiment with its not the W version with wireless but I can use it to test projects.
    I fancy building the Pi Wobbulator to use to scan Bandpass filters of my QRP projects.

    So lots of projects on the go with my Pi's

    Slightly off topic but I am running an Arduino nano as a packet TNC just for fun.

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    OK I do not actually have a raspberry pie at this time. I do have two IRLP Nano Nodes. They are definitely more expensive than raspberry pies but they are all in one IRLP Node.

    Node Number 8862 and 7215

    Have a great day.

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    A friend just fixed up for me a Raspberry PI with a small hard drive attached, loaded with hi-def TV shows.

    Now I'm wondering what kind of use I can put another RP to for ham radio.

    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of what the thing can do and available software (or do we have to write your own?)

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